Active Sports Vehicle Seating

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About Us

Sportsdrive represents the consolidation of manufacture and marketing experience in a whole spectrum of mobility product markets, both in North America, Europe and the Far East.

Our business mission is to be the Quality Leader in the provision of niche products and services to our target markets. Sportsdrive products are focused on optimum design, completely engineered, competitively price, high quality solutions to our customer's application requirements.


Professionally qualified with extensive international business experience across three continents, the Founders, Jacqueline and Vernon Lowe and Ed Haskins have considerable knowledge in capital and consumer products manufacture, marketing and distribution.

The owners extensive business experience in the East Tennessee region of USA made Knoxville and the surrounding area an obvious base for developing these business activities. A 60,000 square feet, modern, high specification custom warehouse/manufacturing facility with 23 acres available for development represents the base for the Sportsdrive range.


Sportsdrive was created to develop a comprehensive range of products for the Active Transportation Seat markets. The company possesses considerable expertise and skill base to service all aspects of Active Seat products, conceptual and innovative design resources, small volume and prototype pattern manufacture through to high volume procurement of finished product. The flat command structure, conceptual design resource, flexible and skilled craftsmen epitomize the Sportsdrive niche market philosophy.