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The motorcycle rider's primary interface with the vehicle is via their seat. To safely optimize control of the vehicle, anatomical and seat comfort are the primary influencing factors.

The incorporation of Sportsdrive whole-body vibration and musculoskeletal active seat research technology creates significant improvements in rider comfort.

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Sportsdrive seats can be specified to the biker's personal choice from a basic seat re-profiling to incorporating dual density, contoured foam and elastomeric gel encapsulated in the seat cushion to provide high levels of motorcycle dampening and vibration isolation.

All Sportsdrive motorcycle seats have elastomeric gel encapsulated in the seat cushion to provide high levels of motorcycle dampening and vibration isolation while optimizing the distribution of the rider body mass into the seat.Bike Seats

Sportsdrive offer a range of aftermarket replacement seats for many popular motorcycles, our current products are focused on touring and cruiser styles with sports and high performance cycles being introduced according to customer requirements.

Sportsdrive also offer a complete seat re-profiling and customization service and can provide a upholstery re-cover and repair service for motorcycle seats. Sportsdrive offer a completely custom and unique rider specified seat service with a huge range of colors, sew patterns, foam and gel combinations and exotic upholstery materials. Specifications upon request.

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Advanced Gel System

  • Seat Cover
  • Water Proof Membrane
  • Open fibre thermal barrier
  • Seat Base
  • Elastomeric Gel encapsulated panel for ultimate vibration dampening and isolation
  • Structural Foam Core


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