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About Sports Drive Motorcyle Seating

Sportsdrive team has been designing and manufacturing seats for a whole range of transportation products. Our expertise has been applied to all manner of active seat applications including cruiser, sport & track motorcycles, over the road and vocational heavy trucks, open wheel and sports racing cars, heavy industrial and military applications.

In all these diverse products a primary interface between the vehicle and the driver/pilot/rider is the seat. The science of understanding and applying the optimum skeletal positioning of the human body in relation to the "hard points" on the seat can be defined as Comfort Technology.
Collectively, we have over 50 years experience of applying Comfort Technology to transportation seating, enabling us to develop a significant database of solutions to the rider's comfort and control requirements.

Motorcycle seats are without doubt the most neglected and least optimized transportation skeletal support device in standard form. The primary design consideration from the manufacturer appears to be smooth contouring to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the motorcycle with little if any thought for the comfort and consequential improved quality of both ride and safe control of the vehicle.

SPORTSDRIVE has the most professional, scientifically proven commercially attractive solution to the motorcyclist's Comfort requirements.