Harley Davidson

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Optional Equipment and Specialist Services

Custom Seat Covers

Sportsdrive can produce covers in a broad range of fabrics and materials for the "one off" and custom biker, we carry a vast range of marine grade vinyl's in stock and can procure textured and embossed materials to special order. Our stock leather is North American premium quality and we can procure European and South American specialty hides to order.

The almost unlimited range of unique requests we receive from our customers make it impossible to provide a fixed price for this type of service. The style of bike, material and type of seat pan and condition of foam will all contribute to the price of the cover. Typically a "one off" single color, vinyl, solo seat cover will be from $125.00. North American leather will start around $180.00 for an equivalent seat.

Seat Finishers

We can provide CNC embroidery and custom names and logo's, any copyright or brand logo's will require brand owner authority and formal license approval. Custom edging in contrasting colors and extreme sew patterns are available to produce your wildest dreams. Call us to discuss your particular requirements.

Studs and embossed metal finishers

We carry a range of chrome nickel plated button studs and several specialty pin buttons and chain link to personalize the seat, call 865-856-3928 for details.

Seat Heaters

We offer a range of seat heaters, a basic single temperature thermostatically controlled on/off device suitable for either rider and/or pillion seat fitment.

A more sophisticated controlled version with two temperature settings and an automatic shut off feature, again suitable for both seating positions.
These devices can be integrated into most of our seat conversion options during our process or, the heaters can be retrofitted to your existing seat. Call 865-856-3928 for details.

When specifying seat heaters and gel, remember the gel will retain the heat and will require less (on time) for the heater element.