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Physiology Technology

Whole body vibration and Musculoskeletal comfort

The primary cause of seating discomfort arises from a combination of sustained vibration from the motorcycle, a condition known as Whole Body Vibration 'WBV' and poor seating position creating Lower Back Pain 'LBP'.

WBV exposure arises through vibration passing thro the rider's buttocks, thighs and lower back, and the level is dependant upon the style of vehicle.

Sitting Bone (Ischium-pelvic girdle)

The ischium bones are the main load bearing structure at the body/vehicle interface. The legs, wrists and hands bones are secondary load bearing and the loads on these are influenced by a combination of the pitch of the pelvic girdle and the vehicle vibration through the handle bars and footpegs. The sitting bone is subject to vibration from the vehicle in both the vertical, horizontal and transverse axis.

Tailbone (Coccyx)

The coccyx or tailbone is the last bone in the vertebral column and attaches to the pelvic girdle, wherever practical this should be isolated from direct contact with the hard surfaces of the seat and the primary vehicle vibration.

Lower back (Vertebrae)

The three/four lower back bones in the spinal column when riding a motorcycle are prone to misalignment and can result in a slouched or bad posture, thus increasing the load and vibration on these vertebrae.

LBP is caused by poor seating position and lack of support, the inherent difficulty with motorcycle seats is the absence of lower back lumbar support. Seats that do not accommodate the size and shape of the buttocks will force the rider into a poor sitting posture