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Seat Design Criteria

Pressure Mapping Technology

Pressure Mapping is the universally acknowledged technology for determining the optimum shape and structural constituents of a seat. SPORTSDRIVE has extensive experience and data utilizing this technology and has applied this knowledge to create comfort solutions for the motorcycle. The pressure maps for a wide range of rider size and shapes have been utilized to produce varying densities and shapes of poly, foam and gel, these material combinations create the most practical and cost effective solutions to the rider's comfort requirements.


This is the angle of the rider's pelvic girdle in relation to the horizontal axis of the vehicle. Excessive forward pitch will increase the loads on the wrists and hands but will also spread some of the load into the soft tissue in the buttocks, an additional adverse condition to be considered is the pressure and loading of the lower trunk and/or scrotum as the rider is pushed forward.

Bucket or Cradle

The bucket is the contoured shape of the horizontal plane/surface of the seat and is optimized to distribute the rider body weight and minimize the pressure loads on the pelvic girdle. Once again the style of motorcycle will determine the level of contour however a combination of contour and gentle cradling can be applied in varying degrees to all seats. The seat can be made somewhat wider at the rear or extend forward lower and narrower to distribute body mass loading and reduce arterial pressure on the legs, the bucket surface contour can also minimize tailbone pressure whilst providing rider comfort when stationary on the motorcycle.

Lower back support

A modest degree of lower back positioning can be influenced by the shape of bucket however most seat surfaces cannot significantly influence or provide lower back support without the addition of a separate backrest feature.

Cushioning Materials

The choice of material to act as a cushion, support and shock absorber in the seat will determine both the vibration absorption from the machine and the pressure distribution of the rider body mass into the seat. The generic material used is foam with varying densities and the incorporation of silicone elastomeric material to optimize the support whilst minimizing the vibration.

Surface Materials

Seats can be covered in an almost unlimited combination of materials and sew patterns however joint and bead lines should be located where they cannot restrict arterial flow and produce pressure points on the riders buttocks and skeletal structure.

Product Development Survey

SPORTSDRIVE has prepared a simple customer survey to identify the product most appropriate to both the motorcycle, rider and style of journey/ride. If you have any questions or require further explanation call 865-856-3928 and our technical staff will be pleased advise you.

Quality and Delivery

SPORTSDRIVE products are all produced in the USA to the highest environmental, engineered and manufactured quality standards. Our products are comparable or superior to Original Equipment Manufacturer's or Aftermarket equivalent products. Subject to capacity a basic specification customer seat can be comfort re-contoured within 3 working days, for more extensive requirements the availability of patterns and upholstery trim may extend the process for re-trim to 5 working days subject to materials being available.